PRE SALE Opportunity!

If you are one of the first ten ( 10 ) users to subscribe to Gold license before 02/28/2021 , you will get one hour training through Meet with our team. It will focus on Google classroom tutors use of tools and how to upgrade the benefits of their appliance.

News about the new version (0.7)

We´ve modified the Add-on performance structure to get a successful technical answer .

The first time a report is run in version 0.7, a new spreadsheet will be opened, in which you will find all the information and structure that you are used to seeing in previous versions.

Then, you will be able to use the same spreadsheet or create a new one if you wish to keep saving the historical report.

Why using Tutors in google classroom

-School: Strengthens family- school bonding. This way you share information about activities with parents and legal tutors.

-Teachers: As they do not have to inform parents about each student's daily academic news, they can remarkably improve their performance in class planning .

-Tutors/ families:They can make student's progress check through automatically-sent emails, in which they can see pending, upcoming and daily tasks.

It allows the superadmin manage the tutors in a centralised fashion.

It offers a complete dashboard which allows you to manage, watch and update the tutor´s state.

Greater control and administration of the number of tutors per student.

Simplify the management of tutors' invitations. Easy upgrade.

Frequently asked questions

What information does the “Dashboard” provide?

-Top Ten Tutors by OU

-Top Ten pending invitations by OU

  • Amount of pending of answers and total tutor invitations

  • Amount of students with no tutor yet

  • Institution top ten tutors

  • Institution top ten pending invitations

What information does the spreadsheet “ Guardians” provide?

In addition to all the detailed information that forms the Dashboard, this worksheet provides information on the invitations sent, their dates, status and if they have accepted it, it provides a Guardian ID.

Who can use this complement?

In order to use this application, you must have permission as Super Administrator of the domain and students must have a G Suite For Education user within your domain.

When is the deadline for the trial period?

The trial period runs out after seven running days. Then you must choose between the Silver or Gold license.

How does it work?

  1. Download the add-on from here

  2. Open a blank Google Spreadsheet.

  3. Access Plugins > Chromebook Manager > Make guardian report

  4. Then in the "Guardians" form, complete the "Student Email" and "Guardian Email" columns with the email information of each one. If a student has more than one Tutor, you must repeat the student for each tutor assigned to that student.

  5. You write the action "ADD" in the column "Action"

  6. Then from Plugins > Manager Chromebook > Execute Actions

  7. The report will start sending invitations to tutors

  8. If submitted successfully, it returns: Successful. Otherwise it returns an error message that you can expand it in the "Notes" column.

How to remove an assigned Tutor?

  1. You open the Guardians Sheet.

  2. Access Plugins> Chromebook Manager> Make guardian report

  3. Then in the "Guardians" form, complete the column "Student Email" and "Guardian Email" with the email information of each one.

  4. You write the action "DELETE" in the column "Action"

  5. Then from Plugins> Manager Chromebook> Execute Actions

  6. The report will begin to remove the Tutor assigned to the student and from that moment on, that tutor will no longer receive Classroom updates for that student.

  7. If submitted successfully, it returns: Successful. Otherwise it returns an error message that you can expand it in the "Notes" column.

Do you offer training in the use of the tool?

Yes of course. You can always leave your comments and / or queries in the Google Marketplace or write to us at and our team or the community will respond.

We also have personalized advice via MEET. The price of the consulting hour is u$s40.- plus taxes.

How do I subscribe?

When completing the Form we will contact you via email to manage the payment and grant access.

How do I pay for the subscription?

If you are in Argentina or Mexico you can make bank transfers in local currency. Rest of the countries we have the option of Paypal.

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